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Ensign Selfix 12-20 Circa 1952


In early 1834 George Houghton joined Frenchman Antoine Claudet managing a glass warehouse in London trading as Claudet & Houghton. By 1892 it had become George Houghton & Sons. The company built a factory in Walthamstow to build cameras and by 1908 it was the biggest British camera factory. The company were renown makers of magazine cameras including the Ensignette developed by Swedish Engineer Magnus Neill. Coincidentally the companies head office in High Holborn was called Ensign House and the Ensign brand began in 1903.


In 1915, Houghtons Ltd went into partnership with W Butcher & Sons. The companies finally merged on 1st January 1926. Several mergers and takeovers followed finally becoming Ross-Ensign Ltd in 1954. The Selfix 12-20 was one of a series of folding camera taking 6 x 6 cm exposures on 120 films.  The company claimed the Ensign range was the equal of or better than German equivalents. The 12-20 was in production from 1950 until 1955. The company ceased

trading in 1961.


The camera is mounted on a vintage extendable Bilora tripod made in Germany. Comes with 360-degree rotational ball head. It uses a standard SES E14 lamp holder that complies with BS EN 60598. It accommodates any E14 LED bulb saving 85% energy. Comes with an IKEA Ledare 2.3 W 55 mm warm white 2700 80 Lumen bulb (Energy Class A).


Height: 12”/300cm, Width:  6”/150cm, Depth: 6”/150cm.

Upcycled Vintage Ensign Selfix 12-20 Circa 1952

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