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The Design Studio remanufacture new products from reclaimed and salvaged materials prolonging the social history the materials.


This salvaged chrome and black Duco Super Silent Vacuum Cleaner has been repurposed into a free-standing floor lamp. The mechanism has been removed and it has been attached to a reclaimed weighted base.


The electrics, (cable/fittings), are all new 'customer returns/damaged packaging' from a well-known international retailer.


This unique item stands approximately 80cm tall and has a diameter of 30cm. It is fitted with a 3-pin moulded plug and a 5amp fuse.


It includes an IKEA Sillbo E27 LED Crown Silver Light Bulb Mirror Globe and a remote-control switch with batteries.

Upcycled Vintage Duco Hoover Circa 1960's

SKU: 0055
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