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The Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag, a product that helps in the fight against fuel poverty and climate change.

The bag is made with a hybrid insulation filling of mixed textiles including cotton, wool, polyester and foam.

Each Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag is made from 5 kgs of textiles saved from landfill. The Sew Fab Bag is made from end of roll luxury material gifted to us by various UK fabric companies.

Bag Dimensions
Height 38cm
Width 32cm
Depth 32cm

Maximum cooking pot size 4 ltr
Maximum cooking pot width 24cm
Maximum cooking pot height 14cm

The Sew Fab Bag Thermal Cooking Bag comes with 2 x Cushions for the base and top, 4 x thermal side Cushions.

How does it work?

Cook It
Cook as normal in a metal or cast iron pan, bring to the boil for 10 minutes.

Wrap it
Wrap the pan in a towel or picnic blanket. This helps with retaining heat, as well as fixing the lid securely in the Sew Fab Bag.

Sew Fab Bag it
Put your wrapped up pan in The Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag, cover with the Sew Fab Bag cushion and fasten tightly.

Leave it
Store your Sew Fab Bag, resisting the urge to peek! Cooking occurs over 2-4hrs, food is still hot even after 5hrs.

Tuck in
Be careful, the pan will still be hot!

The Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag is perfect for long car journeys, days out, picnics, camping trips, catering events. Start cooking Soups, Casseroles, Chillis, Biryanis and other slow cooked dishes. Ten minutes cooking and have the Sew Fab Bag do the rest.

The Sew Fab Bag also acts as a Chiller or Freezer bag keeping items cold or even frozen.

The Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag features;

    •    Cooks food saving on fuel consumption

    •    Portable for Day Trips, Picnics
 and Catering
    •    Made from reused material, so great for the environment

    •    Also acts as a chiller or freezer bag

As all Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bags are made from end of roll materials so your order is on a whatever fabric is available basis, therefore we cannot guarantee any specific colour. All Sew Fab Bags are made to the same specifications however. We will try and match your order based on what we have available.

SewFab is a Social Enterprise working with disadvantaged community members giving them skills in sewing and manufacturing. Our experienced team deliver a range of courses and qualifications in our SewFab Academy. We design and manufacture clothing, bags, homeware and bespoke orders for commercial clients with our profits helping us to work with more people in our community.

SewFab are working towards zero waste through innovative ways of saving textiles from landfill.


Sew Fab Thermal Cooking Bag

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