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The Design Studio remanufacture new products from reclaimed and salvaged materials prolonging the social history the materials.


George Eastman was an American entrepreneur who founded the Eastman Kodak Company and popularised the use of roll film, helping to bring photography to the mainstream. The Eastman Dry Plate Company, the predecessor of Eastman Kodak, was established in 1880 by George and Henry Strong in Rochester, New York.


The 'Kodak' trademark was registered on September 4, 1888, and the Eastman Kodak Company was founded in 1892. The word "Kodak" was invented out of thin air by Eastman. He explained: "I devised the name myself. The letter 'K' had been a favourite with me - it seems a strong, incisive sort of letter. It became a question of trying out a great number of combinations of letters that made words starting and ending with 'K.' the word 'Kodak' is the result."


Thanks to Eastman's inventive genius, anyone could now take pictures with a handheld camera simply by pressing a button. He made photographers of us all following the razor and blades strategy of selling inexpensive cameras and making large margins from consumables – film, chemicals, and paper.


The Kodak Junior II is a 620 film folding camera made by Kodak Ltd. in the UK. They were introduced in July 1954 and made until 1959.


The camera is mounted on an IKEA Lauters tripod table lamp in solid Ash finished in matt black. It incorporates a standard SES E14 lamp holder that complies with BS EN 60598. It accommodates any E14 LED bulb saving 85% energy. Comes with an IKEA Ledare 2.3 W 55 mm warm white 2700 80 Lumen bulb (Energy Class A).


Height: 22.5”/570cm, Width:  9”/230cm, Depth: 9”/230cm.

Upcycled Kodak Junior II Folding Camera Circa 1955-1959

SKU: 0048
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