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The Design Studio remanufacture new products from reclaimed and salvaged materials prolonging the social history of the materials.


This vintage car head light was salvaged from a commercial garage clearance. Sadly, the proprietor had passed away leaving 90 years of stuff. It has been repurposed into a free-standing floor lamp. It is mounted on a vintage style can and the beam can be adjusted horizontally and/or vertically.


The electrics, (cable/fittings), are all new 'customer returns/damaged packaging' from a well-known international retailer.  The lamp has been fitted with a G7 type light fitting and comes with an LED bulb, 5w. It is operated by a push button switch located on the top.


This unique item stands approximately 55cm tall and has a diameter of 20cm. It is fitted with a 3-pin moulded plug and a 5amp fuse.

Upcycled Vintage Lucas FST 700 Car Headlamp Circa 1970's

SKU: 0053
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